Voki and Mapskip Lesson Plan

This lesson utlitzes both Voki and Mapskip to create a clue based scavenger hunt for intermediate to advanced language learners. The lesson also includes an interview portion as well as a writing activity assigned as homework.

Lesson Title:    Scavenger Hunt

Description:     Students will use Voki to hear clues about places to search for on Mapskip.  The students will read the Mapskip story entries and post one of their own.  The first pair of students to complete the Scavenger Hunt will receive extra credit (all students should post though to receive credit).

Target:             Intermediate to advanced language learners, High School or University setting

Learning Goals:
·         Practice searching for information on the Internet in the target language
·         Learn to utilize online applications (Mapskip and Voki)
·         Listening comprehension for critical information
·         Reading comprehension for critical information
·         Critical thinking skills needed to use relevant information and form their own opinions to include in their writing (Homework assignment)

Class Time Allottment:
Warm-up/Recap: (10 minutes)
(Teacher will have previously created Voki and Mapskip accounts for class)
Click for “Instructions “

Student-led Activity: (25-30 minutes)
Students will work in pairs to complete the Voki/Mapskip scavenger hunt. Click for Student Instructions. The instructions are also available in .pdf format to print as a handout to help guide students through the exercise. Student Instructions (.pdf)

Interviews: (10-15 minutes)
Teacher will direct students to interview their partner.
Click for “Interview Questions”

Teacher-led Conclusion: (10 minutes)
Teacher will conduct wrap-up and distribute homework assignment (click here for Homework Assignment)
and answer any questions for the day’s lesson.


Student Instructions (web) and Student Instructions (pdf)

Lesson plan - a copy of this lesson plan in .pdf format

Scavenger Hunt Clues

Interview Questions

Homework Assignment